Tuesday, April 28, 2009


When I joined a adult-ed quilting class in 2003, I had 45 years of sewing experience and a degree in Home Economics BUT I learned so much going through the process of this sampler. I had never used a rotary cutter and all I knew about quilting was self taught. This quilt has become the summer cover for our king size bed. Yes, the stain glass window is my creation too. As an artist, I have dabbled in lots of different mediums but never settled in like I have with quilting. It combines my love of both fabrics and sewing with my love of color and design.

The focus fabric, the circle prints, inspired the combination of rusts, browns, and violets.
The original pattern was designed for a queen size bed so I added another row of blocks plus the flying geese. These are the traditional blocks that were included:
Spring Bloom ~Honey Bee ~Old Maid’s Puzzle
Jacob’s Ladder ~Bow Tie ~Bachelor’s Puzzle
Card Trick ~Wedding Ring ~Clay‘s Choice
Friendship Star ~Ohio Star ~Carolina Lily
Basket ~Grandma‘s Fan ~Star in A Star
Rail Fence ~Double Nine Patch ~Box
Bear’s Paw ~Drunkard’s Path ~Lily
Le Moyne Star ~Goose Tracks
Shoo Fly ~Monkey Wrench

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i like your sampler! I always lvoe the way they look, But somehow I always end up far away from a lot of small piecing... I think my grandmother's crazy quilts randomness is etched on my brain. I always attempt to make set blocks, Bu tI never follow through. So I admire your very lovely work!