Friday, April 3, 2009

"COLOR FUN", quirky brights

I continue to upload and showcase quilts that I made before I started this blog. This quilt was raffled off to support my grandneice's nursery school. Selling $1 tickets made $417. I love working with brights and abstract designs as well as more traditional patterns. The fabrics all came from my stash. (Too much stash?)

The pattern called "Bent Out of Square" came from
Stack a New Deck, Karla Alexander. The technique for making the blocks is sometimes called "Stack and Wack" or "Stacking the Deck". Six layers of fabric are cut together and then shuffled to rearrange the colors. Ten "decks" are cut in variations and mixed in the layout.

I can machine quilt a twin or lap size quilt on my regular machine but I don't attempt larger sizes. The wonky design lent itself to free motion quilting that mimicked the pieced pattern (and of course didn't require me to be too precise). I like to back lap quilts with flannel because it makes them so cozy.


Karen said...

What a delight for the winner of this wonderful quilt and it only cost them $1.

Jackie said...

Now there is a quilt that I would have loved to win! It is beautiful. I love the colors and the pattern.

Exuberant Color said...

I have that book too and have looked at that quilt many times. Haven't made it yet though. Your came out great and appealing to lots of people. It was a great raffle quilt.

abigail @ Piece of Cake said...

and i tried to win this one, you know, to keep it in the family?


wonky! great fun!