Sunday, August 23, 2009

High School Sweet Hearts

We are celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary today. Jack and I meet in High School and continued a long distance romance through college, with me here in California and Jack first in Oregon and then Chicago.

Here we are after a couple months dating. We went to grad night at Disneyland

We married the summer of our 22 birthdays. It is so much fun being married to my best friend and lover but I thank our Lord for the strength and trust in our marriage and our commitment to Christ that bonds us together.
August 23, 1969

Both our parents celebrated their 50th and my grandparents and greatgrandparents made it to their 50th so I hope that we can make it the 4th generation to be married 50 years+.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mary Mannakee, row 1 ready

I've finished turning and basting the first row of 5 blocks and I'll start hand sewing.

Block 1-D

Block 1-E

A few asked me about the fact that I turned the edges first. The secret is that I used a glue stick, which helps with intricate curves and narrow edges. Look below to see shots of me using this technique. A friend took a class and shared the technique with our group. I used this applique technique in "IRIS and PEONIES",

Have any of you used this method? Would you like more information?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mary Mannakee Started

I've cut, turned, placed and basted my first 3 blocks for the Mary Mannakee Quilt. I'm really mixing the reds and greens. I plan on appliquing the blocks on a upcoming trip.

Block 1-A

Block 1-B

Block 1-C

Friday, August 14, 2009

Ready for the Walk

Abby and I are almost finished. We put the borders on and sandwiched the quilt. I decided on wavy lines for the major part of the quilt and stippling between the shells in the border.

Abby will finish the binding and it will be ready for the raffle on Sept 11. Abby limits the tickets to walkers, volunteers, family and friends who come to the Walk. She feels they are the ones who have family affected by MS and will appreciate the theme of the quilt. Even with that, they made $900 last year.

There is still time to donate at the site at the top of my sidebar. Let's find a cure.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Prep for Mary Mannakee

My apologies to all my blogging friends. Sorry I haven't been keeping up. No excuses.

I finally got some fabric together for the Mary Mannakee antique quilt. I bought Kona cloth in off white for the background.
From my stash and some scraps from a friend, I chose orange/reds and olive greens, not traditional but more my colors.

All the freezer paper patterns have been traced and cut out. I organized them in baggies by rows.

I started by cutting the largest pieces and tracking the repeats and balance on a grid chart. Now for the turning. Question? Would it be worth the investment in one of those small applique irons?