Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Teenager deserves grown-up quilt

My grandniece, Autumn, redecorated her room in turquoise and gray and upgraded to a double bed.

 My sister, her grandmother, and I decided to make her a quilt appropriate for a teenager's room.  

I saw this Zigzag pattern in a quilt store and decided it would be easy to duplicate. It turned out to be more complex than the simple block it is based on. The block is a 9 patch with each square a combo of 2 colors cut diagonally. (Basically a "stack & wack", cut at the same angle from 2 rectangles, accounting for the seam allowance.)  Each square is turned to create the continuous zigzag. There are two different block arrangements. It was difficult to keep track of the placement of the 2 blocks so the grays & turquoises matched up.

 We are pleased with the results and so was Autumn.