Friday, June 24, 2011

"Journey to Japan"

On my trip to Japan with my sister last September, I collected fabrics to make a quilt. You may remember that one of our hosts offered me cuttings from "old clothes" (her aunt's old kimonos). I also bought old indigo cottons in antique shops plus some new contemporary prints. On a previous trip I had also bought some remnants that are probably rayon. I decided that I would go ahead and mix the cottons with the possible silks and rayons since this quilt would seldom need cleaning.

The fun part of designing a quilt is using what you have on hand to its best advantage and putting together all the various sizes, like solving a puzzle. The finished size turned out to be 58"x80".

It's now ready for hand quilting in traditional patterns and sashiko. The 60" denim blue Chambray was the perfect color and width for the backing.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Tree House"

Missy, the middle child of my sister's 3 girls, finally decided what quilt she wanted Aunt Janet to make. She chose the pattern from The Modern Quilt Workshop by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr. Her choice of colors are my favorites too so I found all the fabrics in my stash. The pattern is easy (stack & slash) but the selection and placement of colors are key for success.

She only wanted a throw for her sofa so I was able to machine quilt it myself. I marked the angles and a variety of widths with masking tape, sewing from long edge to long edge. I went back and sewed 1/2" next to each of the angles echoing the brown sashing widths.

The backing is a cozy flannel with the insertion of the left over blocks (7"x12").

Friday, June 10, 2011

I have to brag . . .

about my niece, Abby.

She is the creative designer of "Paper and Cake", a download-printable paper goods and party planner site. She has recently been featured in Woman's Day and on the Today show. Her ideas and printables are so fun, easy to use and very reasonably priced. CHECK OUT "PAPER and CAKE"!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Quilt On-the-Go, Finished MARY MANNAKEE, wedding quilt #2

We've been traveling again (big surprise). Our month long trip to
New Zealand,


and Indonesia

took me away from blogging but not quilting. Days at sea were spent hand quilting Kathi's bed runner which she now has on her bed in Arizonia.

After a week of taking care of the grandsons, we were off again up the
West Coast.

We returned home to the exciting news that our oldest son and DIL are expecting their first (It may curb our travels a bit after November). Another baby quilt to design! Boy or Girl?

On to San Diego to spent 3 days with our younger son, DIL, and boys.
Oh what fun.

Next, Jack was sent to lobby for special education in Washington DC. My week was spent visiting museums (found only one quilt shop). I went to the DAR but still didn't get to see the Mary Manakee (You'd think that they would display a quilt that they sell the pattern for in the gift shop?!)

My biggest news (next to my new grandchild) . . . in between travels I managed to finish Mary Mannakee.

I washed it with just clear laundry detergent, Zout on minor bleeding from some of the reds and several Ritz grabber sheets. ALL markings and bleeding came out! Its gorgeous. 
This quilt will be put away for my Grandson, Noah, as you can see above, he is only 3.  DID YOU KNOW? I was told to fold a quilt on the bias to prevent permanent creases.