Friday, April 26, 2013

FANCY DISH finished, Wedding quilt #4

This quilt is for my grandniece, Vanessa for her wedding day. She is only 12, so I'm planning ahead. Who knows if I can still make these king size quilts when the time comes.

I knew that the binding on this scallop and point edge would be a challenge but I didn't realize how much of a learning curve it would be.

I have put a tutorial together to help those who would like to attempt this. On the first side I was tacking each fold before stitching down the binding. By the second side I had mastered the fold as I was stitching the binding but it was still difficult. By the third and fourth sides I had figured out how to pin each fold with small embroidery pins. 

HINT: I cut my bias binding 2" wide, planning a quarter inch seam. I also basted the binding on the seam line prior to machine sewing.



1.  Stay stitch (I tacked the point with 3 stitches) and clip to the quarter inch seam line.

2. Pin binding in place, stretching the clip open and straight. 

Ease in the curves. This will prevent the bias from pulling and cause the curve to fold under. 

The points are folded just like the square corners of a rectangular quilt even though they are acute angles rather than a 45 angle.

3.  Baste and sew. Be sure to sew exactly through the clipped point. (I missed about 1/3 of the points and had to rip and resew.)

4.  On the front, tuck back a fold that lines up with the points. Pin only the front half of the fold.

5.  Turn to the back, pull the binding to the sewing line, allowing the tuck to remain at the fold.

6. Pin the point at the seam line. Hand sew the binding. Tack the folds as you sew.


Karen said...

I like the border design!

Kathie said...

Wow. Beautiful quilt and thanks for all the pictures. Great visuals. Thanks!,

Barb said...

Beautiful! Thanks for the tutorial, great job. I haven't tried a fancy binding like this but would like to some day. I have a friend who rounds all her quilt corners so she would have to deal with them, lol. I've come to really like the look now.
wonderful finish

Crispy said...

Omgosh the quilt is beautiful!!! Thank you so much for the tutorial. I'm saving it for when I finally do a decorative edge.


Anonymous said...

that is SO beautiful!! i love how it turned out! can't wait to see it in person!

Lurline said...

Amazing! Beautiful quilt and the binding is unbelievable - congratulations!
Hugs - Lurline.

Pokey said...

Oh, my GooDness, you have done an amazing job on this dresden quilt, dear Janet! I think I would have wanted to trim the edge after just one of these curvy, pointy challenges, but what a reward waited for you at the end. This is a heirloom quality finish, high praise to you for sticking with it. It is beautiful ~

Anna said...

So great to see this - I've started the same one and have been wondering how the heck I'll manage that edging. It looks fantastic!