Monday, April 8, 2013

Boon or bust, Favorite travel destinations

I've been asked which travels were my favorites and which ones didn't measure up to our expectations

1. SOUTH AFRICA for its amazing varied experiences. We saw thousands of animals (and I'm not exaggerating), learned about aparte, visited Victoria Falls and brought school supplies and clothing to school children.

2. My personal favorite was up the coast of NORWAY all the way to the North Ice Cap. Norway is a very expensive country so cruising makes it more affordable besides viewing the beautiful scenery from a great vantage point. I was surprised with the variety in landscape and cities' architecture.

3. WASHINGTON D.C. was our first extensive trip together and the place where we discovered our joint love for exploring and travel. We have returned many times over 30 years and discover something new to visit every time.

4. Cruising across the Atlantic stopping at GREENLAND and ICELAND is only available twice each year. The landscape is so unique and it is the only place to view icebergs up close.

Whether traveling within the states or abroad, either by land or sea, there is not one place we haven't enjoyed exploring. Travel with an open mind, experience new cultures and don't expect the same foods or comforts of home.


1. Years ago we took one cruise with Carnival because of the itinerary and we have never traveled with them again. The places we visited were great but the ship was like a floating Las Vegas with constant announcements to gamble, drink and spend your money. Princess, Holland America, Cunard, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity are all quality lines with no one being better than another..

2. Last year we wanted to try the largest ship afloat, the Allure of the Seas. The public areas were impressive but you constantly had to pay for "extras". We also had to make show and dinner reservations months in advance to get in. Its more like a floating hotel with no feeling of being on a ship. The size of the ship made it difficult for our handicapped friends to maneuver


Crispy said...

Beautiful pictures Janet. I've heard that the Carnival lines were like Vegas before. It's great to know the rest are much better.


Barb said...

Thanks for sharing your travel. You have been so many amazing places!!!
We cruise on Holland and it is lovely - no hype, no pressure, no extras, no crowds. I highly recommend it. We've done 4 with them.
where are you going next?