Friday, June 29, 2012

Heirloom Quilt

 My Granddaughter is only 8 months old but I'm already making her wedding quilt. I made an heirloom quilt for each of the grandsons, "Betty B's Bouquet" and Mary Mannakee, which are stored away for when they get married. Who knows if I'll be here for any of their weddings and I may not be able to quilt years from now so NOW is the time to make those quilts.

 This double wedding ring pattern is based on a old issue of McCall's, reworked to use paper piecing and offered as a pdf for free at McCall's website. (I did find the outside pattern was 1/2" too small to fit the arc pieces.) I still had some scraps from my mother so I included as many of those as I could. There are 7 different combinations for the rings, 6 blocks across and 6 down for a king size. I really don't like to do paper piecing but the accuracy for the arcs made the joining of pieces so easy.

I started this quilt last September. Once it was ready to hand quilt I worked on other projects, picking it up intermittently. I looked through all my books and on-line for suitable motifs and decided on two that were compatible.

 All the center motifs are done and most of the arcs and almond shapes. I hope to finish before the year is up.


Anna said...

Beautiful work, double wedding ring quilts take a long time to complete. Your gransdaughter will love it and treasure it.

Janet said...

It's gorgeous and your quilting is devine. Lucky grandchildren to have such heirlooms to treasure.

Karen said...

Definitely an early start on the wedding quilt. My friend is attempting to complete one now for her son's wedding in July. She started it when he was married to the first wife. Her son told her to save it for if and when he remarried and now that is happening.

Miriam said...

A stunning quilt!!!

Barb said...

what a lovely idea - the quilting looks beautiful and the DW is such a great heirloom quilt for her.

Brown Dirt Cottage said...

This is such a wonderful plan! What a special 'granny' you are!

Thanks for the McCall's link, I always wanted to do one of these and of course I LOVE that you are hand quilting! I too am a hand quilter!