Sunday, June 17, 2012


Ten teachers retired this year from my old school. We started the tradition of making a quilt for each person who left us 9 years ago when our principal retired. The four of us continued even after I retired 4 years ago.  We made this one 2 years ago when Betty was originally retiring but only finished it this year.

This year the district offered an incentive at the last minute that could not be passed up and so we were in trouble.  With the help of our VP who also quilts (she made these two and offered one from her stash.)

we completed 10 quilts in time for the closing of school. I was involved in most of them, making the tops for 5, quilting 5 and the binding of some.

My good friend Marsha (who is the only one of our group who isn't retiring) helped with the one above right and made these two, with me quilting the cat quilt.



Anonymous said...

you were busy..... very nice to do a quilt for each.

Our school district had 23 principals leave this year and they are trying to pass it off as baby boomers demographics...

So... pretty soon the good and experienced teachers will be gone.... to save money.... and there will still be kids to educate. Not a solution just putting off what really needs to be done. My daughter is working on getting out of education.... not just teaching... it will take her a year or two but it will happen.

Janet said...

what an amazing and generous gift to all the retirees. Well done on the rush of quilts, the recipients look thrilled.

Pokey said...

A little help from our friends gets the job done, and very well done, for that matter! The quilts will be treasured, for sure ~