Tuesday, March 12, 2013

WEDDING RING Finished, Wedding Quilt #3

 I finished quilting and binding this quilt for my granddaughter, Grace, just after her 1st birthday. I know that I'm a bit early but who knows what's ahead. I want her to have a special memory of her Grandmother.

Since there were no suggested quilting patterns, I selected two patterns to repeat in the open areas. I outlined each wedge within the arcs and shadowed the white shapes.

 I was concerned that the pencil lines would not wash out. I sprayed with a prewash stain remover and threw it in the washer and dryer (removing it while still damp) and all was good. It did press out the major wrinkles so the quilting would show better.

  • Someone suggested folding quilts on the basis to avoid fold lines. I opened the quilt to photograph it just before this post and still found some creases but in the long term, this may be less permanent.


Karen said...

A beautiful Wedding Ring quilt. I have made a few but I do not have one for myself. You got an early start for your grand-child but what a good idea.

Pokey said...

It is never to soon to pray for the granddaughter, so a quilt that has been made with her future in mind is perfect. Good to see you are still creating beautiful quilts!
hugs, pokey

Every Stitch said...

Such a beautiful quilt ! congratulations!