Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Quilt On-the-Go, Finished MARY MANNAKEE, wedding quilt #2

We've been traveling again (big surprise). Our month long trip to
New Zealand,


and Indonesia

took me away from blogging but not quilting. Days at sea were spent hand quilting Kathi's bed runner which she now has on her bed in Arizonia.

After a week of taking care of the grandsons, we were off again up the
West Coast.

We returned home to the exciting news that our oldest son and DIL are expecting their first (It may curb our travels a bit after November). Another baby quilt to design! Boy or Girl?

On to San Diego to spent 3 days with our younger son, DIL, and boys.
Oh what fun.

Next, Jack was sent to lobby for special education in Washington DC. My week was spent visiting museums (found only one quilt shop). I went to the DAR but still didn't get to see the Mary Manakee (You'd think that they would display a quilt that they sell the pattern for in the gift shop?!)

My biggest news (next to my new grandchild) . . . in between travels I managed to finish Mary Mannakee.

I washed it with just clear laundry detergent, Zout on minor bleeding from some of the reds and several Ritz grabber sheets. ALL markings and bleeding came out! Its gorgeous. 
This quilt will be put away for my Grandson, Noah, as you can see above, he is only 3.  DID YOU KNOW? I was told to fold a quilt on the bias to prevent permanent creases.


Mary said...

Your travels sound like fun - but oh! the quilt!!! I have the pattern in my pile of quilts to start. I really love the variety of fabrics you used. To me, it looks so much prettier than the original that had just one red and one green. When did you start on this?

And no, I'd never heard about folding on the bias. Why wouldn't we just get diagonal creases?

Anonymous said...

that quilt is GORGEOUS! i love how it turned out.

Miriam said...

Congratulations on finishing Mary Manakee! What a stunning quilt!!!

Great news about the next grandchild.

Love your travel photographs.

Crispy said...

Wow, I would be in heaven to see only a third of what you two globe trotters have seen!!

Congrats on the new grandbaby. The boys looked very happy to be spending time with you two.

The Manakee, WOW it's stunning Janet!! What a shame you didn't get to see the original....


Kim said...

Oh my goodness what a spectacular quilt. Now how will it be decided which grandbaby gets this quilt?

I'm not a big fan of the DAR...they don't let you wonder around and look and the tour is boring when all you want to see is their quilt collection. I wonder if you call next time and make an appointment to see this quilt if they will allow it?

Happy grandmothering :0)

Janet said...

Fancy you being in my part of the world in your travels. It sounds like your trip was fabulous.
Congratulations on the new grandchild, great news!
I nearly drooled all over the keyboard when I saw your quilt. It's truly beautiful, well done and it's certainly an heirloom treasure. The quilting looks fantastic and I hope you put it in a show somewhere for more people to enjoy.

pratima said...

Oh, great pictures! The thought and planning you put into every aspect of quilt making is incredible! I'm in awe of all your quilts :)