Friday, June 24, 2011

"Journey to Japan"

On my trip to Japan with my sister last September, I collected fabrics to make a quilt. You may remember that one of our hosts offered me cuttings from "old clothes" (her aunt's old kimonos). I also bought old indigo cottons in antique shops plus some new contemporary prints. On a previous trip I had also bought some remnants that are probably rayon. I decided that I would go ahead and mix the cottons with the possible silks and rayons since this quilt would seldom need cleaning.

The fun part of designing a quilt is using what you have on hand to its best advantage and putting together all the various sizes, like solving a puzzle. The finished size turned out to be 58"x80".

It's now ready for hand quilting in traditional patterns and sashiko. The 60" denim blue Chambray was the perfect color and width for the backing.


Crispy said...

I loved looking at the different fabrics in this quilt. The "traditional" quilting will be perfect :0)


pratima said...

Hi Janet, so nice to see you blogging again! Hope you had wonderful trips. You showcased these breathtaking fabrics beautifully! The whole quilt looks like a delicate painting. Your hand quilting is going to turn it into a masterpiece!