Monday, March 9, 2009

Pass it on...generations sewing together

Autumn, my grandniece, made this pillow with me at the same age as her mother made her first sewing project with me...age 5. Her mother, Abby, sewed her first day kindergarten dress using a fabric panel printed with an A-line dress front,back and facings. When she told her teacher she made her dress, she told her it was wrong to lie. How wrong she was. We can teach children to sew!


Carol said...

How adorable! Nothing like being with little kids and watch them working so earnestly at something they love. I have three granddaughters and none of them sew although we did lots of crafts and things together - the youngest did make a "kilt" with me one time. Now they are all grown up but still my special girls. That is one beautiful little girl at your machine!

Karen said...

Look at her. How sweet!