Wednesday, March 11, 2009


As I've said before, my daughter-in-law loves purple. She also loves large bloom flowers. When she graduated as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, I made this lap quilt for her. The pattern, Circles of the East, was presented by my Adult Ed. teacher but the applique technique was passed on to me by a good quilting friend.

After looking at photos and quilt images of irises, I drew my own representation. Each piece was traced and the final sheet of pattern pieces scanned. These were then printed on contact/label paper and cut out. The sticky side is placed on the right side of the fabric and cut adding seam allowance. Using a glue stick, edges are turned under with a pointed tool such as an awl. When dry, the contact pattern is removed so it can be used again.

To assemble the flower, place the original drawing inside a baggie (place a cardboard inside too). Glue base pieces to the plastic and top pieces to underlying fabric. The completed flower can then be pulled up, pinned to the background and hand stitched. Note: The glue doesn't interfere with the hand applique process, doesn't make the fabric stiff and will eventually wash out.

The remaining circles were fussy cut from as Asian fabric of peonies and koi. I then hand quilted around the flowers and an Asian pattern in the background.


Jackie said...

What a beautiful job! The irises are gorgeous and who doesn't love purple.

janet said...

You sure do have a talent for drawing flowers. Your DIL is going to love this.

Goosey said...

I am in awe of the lovely quilts you have made, the Irises are just beautiful.