Friday, March 20, 2009

"Memories of an Art Teacher"

My husband is gone on a business trip for the week. Its the perfect time to lay out a project that requires continuous revision. I had cut up my teaching t-shirts as part of my retirement clean out and set them aside. I originally thought I'd do a fund raising quilt for California Art Teacher Assoc but after reviewing the pictures, I realized that they were too personal and held too many memories for me.

Several challenges ensued: 1) to add the correct amount of sashing to each block so the widths and heights added up to the correct measurement. 2) trying to use only fabrics from my stash. 3) to balance and tied the colors together from all the different t-shirts. I'm not sure of the result or what to do next? Do I add a border? What color?


Goosey said...

What a lovely idea to us these bits as a memory of your career. It's quite a challenge to use bits from your stash, I must admit to being a bit naughty and buying new stuff because I can't find exactly the right thing in my stash!

Connie (Boise, ID) said...

Making a memory quilt is on my list of quilts-to-make, too. I think a dark color, navy blue or black, would tie everything together nicely, especially if it has a small print.