Saturday, February 28, 2009

"SPRING & FALL" Reversible Table Runner

This pattern was presented by one member of our class so I don't have a source for you.
1) Cut iron-on batting the desired length of runner. Position the center square of focus fabric on point.
2) Turn over, center the first strip of the opposite fabric from point to point. Sew additional strips alternating on either side until center square is quilted in place. trim to match size and shape of front square 3) seam 4 small triangles of 2nd focus to edges of trimmed strips. Press in place. 4) Turn over to 1st side, seam strips outward from center, automatically quilting triangles on 2nd side. 5) Con't alternating medium and small triangles and strips until desired length. Hint: Draw perpendicular and diagonal lines on batting to keep the runner square.


Karen said...

Your quilts are beautiful. A big thank you to your sister for encouraging you to blog. :)

Karen said...

It's me again! I got your e-mail, but was unable to reply, as you are set as 'no reply.' So, I will respond this way. I went to the AMOCA site and had a look at your quilt. Wow! Good for you. It is wonderful.

Carol said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! This blogging is such fun and it's so good to see that other people are as addicted to quilting as I am. Your quilts are lovely - I love your colors. I look forward to checking your blog and hope you do mine. Happy quilting!