Monday, February 23, 2009

"JOURNEY to the ORIENT" 2003-2004

This quilt started as a twin/day bed cover (the center panels). We moved the same year and the project grew into a king size quilt. I was oh so green. Based on my garment sewing skills, I cut with scissors and pieced my design.

I found the snails trail pattern online but the fan on the sides, I developed on my own.

My love of all things Asian came early on from my father who spent a month in Japan when I was only five. He came home with crates full of Japanese arts and crafts. Mother sewed with the fabrics and decorated our home. These objects and Dad's experience became my favorite thing to share at school through Jr. High.

By the time I was ready to machine quilt, my teacher friend recommended Mountain Quilters in Sky Forest, CA. They did a fantastic custom quilting job, making all my "lumps" disappear.

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