Friday, August 7, 2009

Prep for Mary Mannakee

My apologies to all my blogging friends. Sorry I haven't been keeping up. No excuses.

I finally got some fabric together for the Mary Mannakee antique quilt. I bought Kona cloth in off white for the background.
From my stash and some scraps from a friend, I chose orange/reds and olive greens, not traditional but more my colors.

All the freezer paper patterns have been traced and cut out. I organized them in baggies by rows.

I started by cutting the largest pieces and tracking the repeats and balance on a grid chart. Now for the turning. Question? Would it be worth the investment in one of those small applique irons?


Crispy said...

You are very organized and I love the fabrics you picked out. My book should be here any day (I hope).

I know a lot of people like those little irons but I found it to be kind of dangerous to use. The stand is useless and I'm not comfortable plopping it in a coffee mug. If you aren't paying attention it's easy to accidentally grab the hot shaft (ask how I know about that). So in other words, my answer is nope, not worth it.



this is amazing. your very well prepared. I wish I was like that!
Would love ot see what you can do making a whole quilt top up like that on your own. Like you did with my pixiedust block. it was fantastic!

Jackie said...

Wow, you are so organized and prepared very well!! This is going to be one gorgeous quilt! I am anxious to see your progress.

Funoldhag said...

Great choice of colors, Janet. That will be beautiful. Are you going to needleturn all the pieces backed with freezer paper? I was wondering the size of the blocks - but I read someplace that they are about 16 inches. Glad you are back! Carol

Julia said...

Your making a great start on your new quilt...i know some other girls have also started, will be fun to see your progress.
it's going to be beautiful, love your fabrics.
Julia ♥

Joyce said...

I have one of those irons but seldom use it. I found the stand not very stable.
I got your letter about the problems with Blogger but my reply keeps bouncing back for some reason.

Janet said...

what a great system you have there, I do like that you've chosen fabrics you love. How do you use the iron with freezer paper?

Karen said...

Look at you all organized and ready to go! Such beautiful fabric too. I have a mini iron and use it to press my Dear Jane blocks. Crispy is right about the stand. I have rested my finger on the hot shaft several times, but I must say, I do like it.

Janet said...

It looks like you are off to a good start with your new project. It's going to be one beautiful quilt!

Nancy said...

You are off to a great start on your Mary Mannakee. I like your fabric choices.
I for one don’t know what I would do without my little Clover mini iron. I have tried other but always come back to the Clover.s

Unknown said...

Where can i purchase the patterns for this beautiful quilt