Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Collaborative Quilts

I.  Jigsaw Puzzle (designed by Alyssa Clancy)

Every year my church quilting group makes a quilt to raffle at the Women"s Retreat to support Women's Ministries at Pomona Baptist Church. 

The theme this years was "70's".
We went into our stash and combined
oranges, pinks and greens for this retro look.

The retired teachers from my former school have continued the tradition of making quilts for retirees which we started while we were still working at South Pointe Middle School. We see each other twice a week to work on our own projects but also to plan and piece these two quilts.

Claudia, English and ESL teacher, is moving to Arizona. We took the colors for her quilt from the tile in her new house.

I found these fabrics that reminded me of 50's prints and knew they were perfect for my friend Marsha, who is retiring this year. She has been part of our teacher quilter's group from the beginning and has helped make all the retiree quilts. We will miss her since she will also be moving to Prescott, Arizona but we are already planning a gals quilting retreat to her new home.

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