Monday, September 19, 2011

Reliving the Adventure: "JOURNEY TO JAPAN"

The Journey to Japan began a year ago.

I'm more than pleased with my quilt but I'm sorry to be finished. I loved the inventive, creative process of choosing which patterns to use and the tactile feel of hand quilting. Many of the fabrics brought back memories of my trip to Japan, the hospitality of our hosts and being with my sister. The making of this quilt was a memorable journey in its self.


Cathy said...

How wonderful to wrap up your memories of a beautiful trip in this gorgeous quilt. So meaningful and so lovely. xo

Janet said...

It's a beauty and with it holding such great memories, it would seem a bit sad to be finished but now you get to enjoy it.

pratima said...

Every aspect of your memory quilt is so well thought out and beautifully crafted. The varying quilting designs for the blocks makes it playful and fun!