Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Last Christmas my quilting friends had a beige and brown exchange. We ended up with 40 6" squares, enough for a small quilt but I had a larger one in mind. I added more light, medium and dark beige/browns from my sash and my sister's to make 145 squares with sashing. This will be another king size wedding quilt for my grandnephew.

The pattern I followed ("Illusion In Neutrals" BH&G American Patchwork & Quilting, Dec. 2009, pg. 94) instructed you to sew the sashing around the square before cutting the diagonal. By doing this corners had extra seams and bulk. Knowing that I would have to be careful with the bias, I chose to cut the triangles first, add the strips and then cut the angles at the tips.

The lightest combinations are arranged at the center. Moving out, combinations of lights and mediums are added next. 

I am now sewing medium and dark squares. They will be arranged in 2 rows all around. More to come.

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Karen said...

I like browns too. A soft warm look.