Thursday, May 8, 2014


Adam, my niece Sarah's middle child, loved his quilt (I made for his 2nd birthday) so much that it is now in tatters. "Aunt Janet, can you fix it?" It was beyond repair and it was time for a new quilt for a 9 year old. I asked him what theme he'd like and he chose Legos.
I wasn't inspired by rectangles of plain colors but when I googled Legos, I saw these heads and I was off and running.
 I hand quilted the peg circles on sea days on our last cruise. 

 You can see that he was delighted with the result. It's great to be loved and appreciated by my nieces and nephews. He can wear this one out too then I know it was used and loved! 


Pokey said...

This is really creative! I think the little heads were the perfect addition, but the circle pegs are, also. Doesn't his grin say it all?!?

lesthook said...

My grandson is a "Lego" maniac too. I have plans to make him a Lego inspired quilt too. I made a lego costume for halloween. Mind if I use a couple of your ideas? I think it is wonderful and perfect for a lego kid!