Monday, June 14, 2010

I've been busy

I know, I've been away for a while!

I've been traveling, involved with family and of course quilting. Thank you for all your helpful suggestions for quilting Mary Mannakee. I haven't started yet but I'm leaning towards a grid with some outlining and feather stitch. I want to investigate using bamboo batting. I've been told that its like sewing through butter. Have any of you used this product? What are your experiences?

On our last minute cruise from Beijing to Anchorage, I
hand pieced this sampler using Civil War fabrics I picked out of a scrap barrel for 15 cents per strip. I designed this small wall hanging (20x24) to include as many traditional blocks as possible. I still want to add a border.

Our best friends are expecting their first granddaughter in September. It was a joy to make a quilt for this special baby and two of my favorite receiving blankets. The pattern came from
Better Homes American Patchwork and Quilting, April 2010. I reduced the pattern by 40% and made it square. The applique is edged by machine but the quilting is done by hand.

The receiving blankets are made with two pieces of flannel, sized to the width of the fabrics, hemmed with turning the outer piece twice to cover the inner smaller piece and finished with a feather stitch of embroidery thread. These were my son's favorites and for many babies that received them as gifts.


Janet said...

I love your sampler - so many great blocks! 15 cents a strip!!! What a great deal!
I have not tried the bamboo batting but I'd be careful about choosing it. Ann talks about her experience with using it here
Your baby quilt is delightful - very pretty fabrics and I love the quilting and the scalloped border! I like using square crib quilts as well.

Funoldhag said...

Nice to see a post from you! Both the quilts you have up today are really lovely. Love the baby quilt - it's so nice you are still hand quilting. I haven't done that for several years and probably won't anymore but I always enjoyed the restfulness of the quilt in the hoop on my lap. Carol

Julia said...

Nice to see a post from you Janet...seems like forever that you last posted..
Love both quilts..
Julia ♥

Janet said...

You seem to get nmore done when you're away than at home! I love the sampler a lot and the little quilt is gorgeous.

Kathie said...

great little quilts, oh I just love the little quilt from AP and Q, adorable. The sampler is amazing...very fun
what a wonderful trip that must have been, tell us about it.

Crispy said...

How fun to be able to do so much sewing while sailing the ocean blue :0) The sampler is wonderful!! What a cute pattern for the little one :0)


linda said...

Lots of pretties!! Welcome home!

pratima said...

Janet, your sampler is gorgeous! The baby quilt is just the sweetest! Love the soft colors and beautiful pattern. Your hand quilting makes it even more delicious! Hope you had a wonderful trip :)

pratima said...

Btw, lately I've been using Bamboo batting a lot and I love it. It is very soft and quilts nicely both for hand quilting and machine quilting.

Goosey said...

Those quilt are very baeutiful, how do you find the time to do all the sewing that you do! I especially love the colours in the baby quilt.

nicolette said...

Lovely quilts Janet, totally different but both adorable!

Bamboo batting is new to me. I will ask my LQS about it.

Sandra Henderson said...

I love the Bamboo and the soy soft. I have used KYOTO and SOY SOFT. They are 50% cotton. GREAT STUFF!~like cashmere! I used the Soy SOft on my grandson's baptism blanket. LOVE IT! They are both great!

Nanci said...

I have just finished this quilt also, although only the top is done as I need to have it basted.
I made it 80" wide so that it would fit the bed in my bunkie.
Sandra H sent me here. Yours is so lovely.
What a fun pattern to make although for me it was a huge learning experience.
Nice blog too. Oh I use bamboo all the time and am going to use a bamboo mix which is even softer and supposedly easier to quilt with too.