Sunday, April 4, 2010

I'll be back

We’ve been traveling again, Washington DC with Jack’s consulting and Hawaii on a cruise. I always have a hard time getting back into the routine once we come home. I be back next week. Thanks Kathie for missing me and writing me a note.


Karen said...

The Hawaiian style quilt with the turtle is a wonderful quilt!

Kathie said...

beautiful quilts!
thanks for sharing them with us
I love the second one!
wow look at that quilting....
glad all is well

karenfae said...

I love the simple style scrap quilt.
Have a good trip

Stephanie said...

I wish I was a quilter when I lived in Hawaii. I could have collected some wonderful fabrics. Love Hawaiian quilts. That applique work is a beauty.

Julia said...

Good to see you back...I wondered where you were.. forgot you were going away..
Gorgeous quilts..
Julia ♥

Pokey said...

Good to hear from you, Janet! I've always admired the Hawaiian traditionals, I could see you doing one. The Postcard from Hawaii, now, that is one I would like to do as a swap! I've mentioned that one in the class for this summer, maybe?

Janet said...

It sounds like you had a good excuse for being absent, lol. The quilts are lovely.

Brent said...

I love the sea turtle quilt... My husband loves sea turtles, do you have any idea if there is a pattern for this one??